The USESPON Virtual Learning Environment was built within the framework of the ESPON-USESPON Project. Course design and development of the learning modules, were elaborated by the Greek ECP to be consistent with the ESPONTrain VLE design.

The USESPON curriculum consists of 3 modules, available to all USESPON VLE users. These modules are aiming at making ESPON findings more accessible and easier to implement in practice. They have been specifically designed for policy makers and practitioners dealing with territorial development and cohesion strategies and plans.

Each USESPON module refers to the use, the implementation and the evaluation of a methodological decision making tool. Particularly, guidance on using ESPON results in policy-making and practice will be provided through the use of the NEXUS, the DELPHI and the URBAN BENCHMARKING methodological tool.

The USESPON VLE users will have the opportunity to participate in the initial USESPON Web Conference to be held during the ESPON Week, on the 14th of November 2013.
For further information regarding the USESPON Project, please consult the USESPON website:

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